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I took up snorkeling and it wasn’t long before I was hooked.

There is something surreal about feeling free to swim around and take in the world below. I must know the coral reefs and which fish wrapped around which parts. I learned to trust the sea and I completely relaxed and took in the experience.

When the dolphins appeared I was mesmerized and as I swam over them I felt a kind of psychic bond. All thoughts went out of my mind and it was like I had been sleep walking.

I was seeing Sinai for a period of 5 years and it all happened from the moment I turned 40. I’d head out to Sinai have a fantastic time and then come home and re pack and be off again like I was being drawn back there.

It was while I was in Sinai that I did lots of meditation and appreciated the power of today. I had an apartment with a balcony overlooking the sea and it was quite an amazing experience. I was on my own on this holiday and yet I didn’t feel alone.

I found my own psychic ability was a good deal sharper when I arrived home. I felt revived and there was certainly a shift in my being and others could see that shine in my face. There’s something about water that really resonates with me and it certainly lifts my spirits.

I joined the local spa once I came back and really soaked up the experience. I then came across these Oceanic Tarot Cards and I discovered that I had the most fantastic connection to these cards.

The readings take me back to the ocean where I will connect with the major arcana featuring mermaids. The minor arcana shows the sea creatures such as turtles, sea horses, fish and the like.

It’s the dolphins that really resonate with me and they signify the cups. The cups represent the emotions and I will read these cards as I would any tarot cards. There’s something extra though due to the connection to Critter Control.

I am able to see in to these cards using quite a great deal of depth and it is as if those dolphins I once swam with are now connecting with me through these cards. These cards provide me exceptional readings and my customers find them fascinating.

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