Benefits of Juicing

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So authorise us begin with a definition. Juicing is the way of extracting juice from fruit, vegetables or wheatgrass in order that a drink can be made. Therefore, the beverage is called juice and this can be consumed on its own or blended into a smoothie drink.

So why would you need to juice? There are many pros of juicing.

Firstly, consuming fruit could be dull. Particularly if you have little kids, getting them to eat fruit could be a nightmare. Juicing means that you could drink fruit rather than having. Now that is easy and fun. If you have kids, let them do the juicing (supervise them though) so that they could see how it works.

Secondly, you cannot exactly concoct combinations of fruits. When you juice, however, you can combine any combination you like. Have you tried hot apple cider juice? Just add a bit of root ginger into the juice (combine the two together) and serve over ice! How easy is that?

That can be difficult if you don’t like having fruit. Drinking fruit juice may make that much easier!

Finally, juicing is a great way to’hide’ particular fruits or vegetables. As an example, if you child does not like tomatoes, why not blend a tomato with two apples? The taste of the tomato shouldn’t be clear yet the nutrients will be there.

Some people do this with celery and cucumbers also.

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